Cavalh.comhttp://www.cavalh.comcscavalh.comcavalh.comiam@cavalh.comI want to change my life. And lose weight! 12:00:00Every year I give my New Year's resolution. And every year there are several in my list repeated over and over again. The most common thing is that I want to lose weight. And it will not happen for a year. Weight loss has never been my top priority, and although I started with some diet and had visible results, I went back to my habits. Sure, I want to lose weight. But, I want to take my new lifestyle for myself and not think I need to eat Mars stick. Newport, Deep Work 00:00:00I spent more than two years at my last job. After the initial enthusiasm for the new environment, there was a time when I felt I would need a change. But I did not know exactly why I was unhappy and what bothers me in my work. After reading the first book from Cal Newport, I was able to answer this question. Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. 16:00:00Michael Kors shares have seen interesting declines in recent days. So I decided to examine the company's business and estimate its future development. Is it worthwhile to include Michael Kors in the portfolio? I will be glad to express your opinion in the comments. At the end of the article, I returned a few words to Fortune and O2 shares that I wrote at the beginning of the year. O2 Czech Republic 19:00:00After analyzing Fortuna, which I bought in the portfolio in January, I decided to focus on O2 Czech Republic. This time, not because I want to buy. I have been holding O2 shares for about two years and I wonder if the company still has the potential, or I'd rather sell the stock. I will be glad if you write my opinion either in the comments or directly on the email Fortuna Entertainment Group N.V. 00:00:00I have been trading stocks for several years. After a bad speculative experience with Kit Digital stock, I decided to trade in 2012 based on the foundation. About the company in which I want to buy a share, find out all available information, read the annual reports, and try to estimate its future. The last time I focused on Fortuna, which, with sufficient patience, could be black.